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Episode 1.00

Welcome! Host Marc Istook introduces listeners to the Dream Job Podcast: conversations with a diverse mix of people living their dreams and sharing their experience and advice with others. <<DOWNLOAD HERE>>

Nikki Boyer

TV Host & Actress

Episode 1.01

TV Host & Actress Nikki Boyer shares advice and insight learned after moving to Los Angeles to chase her dreams of a career in the entertainment industry... including tales from the red carpet and stories about Ed Sheeran, Morgan Freeman, selfies with Beyonce, and more. <<DOWNLOAD HERE>>

Tony Hale


Episode 1.02

Emmy-winner Tony Hale (Veep, Arrested Development) shares insight from more than two decades of experience as an actor. Highlights include lessons learned pursuing his career, the simple genius of the Great British Baking Show, how his Christian faith affects his work and the power of finding joy in contentment. <<DOWNLOAD HERE>>

Nate Boyer

Former Green Beret & NFL Player

Episode 1.03

Former Green Beret and NFL long snapper Nate Boyer is not one to shy away from a challenge. Nate embodies the title of "Renaissance man" as he discusses his time in the Army, playing football for the University of Texas and Seattle Seahawks, advising Colin Kaepernick, and more. <<DOWNLOAD HERE>>

Akbar Gbajabiamila

TV Host & Former NFL Player

Episode 1.04

Akbar Gbajabiamila is living the American dream. Son of Nigerian immigrants, raised in South Los Angeles, his hard work and dedication led him to San Diego State University, the NFL, and to an audience of millions as an analyst for the NFL Network and NBC’s Emmy-nominated “American Ninja Warrior.” Akbar tells how his upbringing, his faith, and the power of overcoming failure have combined to help him achieve his dreams. <<DOWNLOAD HERE>>

Katie Featherston


Episode 1.05

You may best know Katie Featherston as an actress from the “Paranormal Activity” films. Or as writer, director, producer or singer. But “creator” is a title that better represents her passions. On this episode of Dream Job, she explains why the creative process - in any form - is so fulfilling, the power of avoiding your fears by saying “yes”, and how a foundation of support that traces its roots to her home state of Texas has been instrumental to her success.  <<DOWNLOAD HERE>>

Erin Coscarelli

Sportscaster & TV Host

Episode 1.06

Erin Coscarelli packs a mighty punch. The NFL Network host sports a resume featuring work on FOX Sports, ESPN, the Pac-12 Network and more… Though she hasn’t yet realized her dream of playing in the WNBA, she still stands heads and shoulders above the crowd. Erin explains the importance of a sincere hello, why Oprah and Hoda Kotb are her inspirations, and how a little bit of delusion can go a long way toward a successful broadcasting career.  <<DOWNLOAD HERE>>

Lance Zierlein

Sports Radio Host & NFL Draft Analyst

Episode 1.07

Lance Zierlein will tell you he has TWO dream jobs. As a highly rated sports radio host in Houston and a draft analyst for the NFL Network, Lance gets to do what he loves every day. Listen in as he talks about the Venn Diagram of his overlapping passions: sports, cooking, and entertainment, the importance of enjoying where you are in life, and how he’s made a career out of just being himself. <<DOWNLOAD HERE>>

Shauna Sever

Baker & Cookbook Author

Episode 1.08

Shauna Sever’s job is delicious. As a baker and cookbook author, it’s easy to be envious of the time she spends with tarts, brownies, cakes and confections. She talks about the joy of baking, her favorite ingredient, and debates the merits of choosing Styx vs. REO Speedwagon when it comes to her classic rock baking soundtrack. From beginnings as a journalism student in college to a regular on the Today Show, Shauna’s journey couldn’t have been sweeter. <<DOWNLOAD HERE>>

Megan Collins

Founding Editor, Style Girlfriend

Episode 1.09

Megan Collins is the Style Girlfriend. She’s built a career out of giving men style advice - from a woman’s point of view. But her website and social channels don’t stop at tips on how to dress. Megan’s carved out a niche in the men’s lifestyle space, sharing female perspectives on everything from clothing to grooming to travel to fitness to dating etiquette, and more. In this episode she shares how her unpredictable career path led Megan to create her very own Dream Job. <<DOWNLOAD HERE>>

Austin Perine


Episode 1.10

4-year-old Austin Perine might be the world’s youngest superhero. His mission? Fighting hunger, one meal at a time. The Birmingham, Alabama native and his dad, Terance, have served tens of thousands of meals to the homeless all across America. Today, a superhero… tomorrow, President? He's got my vote.  <<DOWNLOAD HERE>>

Charles Woods

Civil Rights Educator

Episode 1.11

Charles Woods is a civil rights educator at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. His job is to share the lessons of the past with the people of today, and his work might be just as important now as ever.   <<DOWNLOAD HERE>>

Charles Woods BONUS

Behind the scenes at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

Episode 1.12

In the preceding Episode 11, we met Charles Woods, a civil rights educator at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. This is his behind-the-scenes tour of the Institute, where he shares some of the amazing lessons found inside and stories from the 50s and 60s that are still relevant today.  <<DOWNLOAD HERE>>

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